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Started from the simple idea of being a high-value art villa.

Kabeh Jati Garden Villas is located in Banjar Semaya, Suana Village, Nusa Penida Island, situated in private area of tropical island environment. The villas is not directly accesible from Ngurah Rai International Airport. That’s why from the airport, you should lead direction to Sanur Port about 30 minutes drive. Then cross the sea for 30 minutes to reach Nusa Penida Island Port by using fast boat.

We provide pick up and drop off service with talented staff from and to all Nusa Penida Port. Incredible panorama of blue sea, white sand beaches and seaweed farming will accompany you throughout your drive from port to eastward to find us. On your way, you will pass Giri Putri Cave Temple, Celagilandan Ocean Point with love symbol and fantastic swing at Suana Point.

Concept and Architecture

The main building consist of 5 unit of villas and spacious restaurant. Kabeh Jati Garden Villas was designed in a unique concept in form of teak woodfile. All of building material derived from selected teak which arranged to be exotic building. If seen away, this building complex looks like stack of wood, no one know those are villas.

Downside of villas, guests can see the artistic and survival way of the islanders to keep water in traditional well locally called ‘cubang’. Previously, cubang used to harvest rainwater and will be stock during dry season for daily needs and cattle. Interestingly, upside part of well formed like hump of tree.

There are 8 cubang which known as Kabeh Jati Water and used for water reservoir.

Philosophy of Kabeh Jati Garden Villa

Kabeh Jati Garden Villas means villas in teak tree garden. The name of Kabeh Jati Garden Villas derive from word ‘kabeh’ refers to name of the owners’ anchestor, Jati means teak tree which grow up around and ‘kebun’ means garden. The naming of Kabeh is tucked as honor to respectful achestor who had bequeathed the garden site.

Kabeh Jati Garden Villas can be such of storefront of art which showing up the circle life of teak wood. This wood is so strong, its fiber draws beuties and during its life give freshness to the nature. It can be deep reflection that our life should be as it is, must be strong, peace and be source of life for others.

The Magnificent of Overnight

Situated above the village center settlement make us can observed row of villagers home residents with local architectures. About 300 meters down to coastaline, visitors can clearly see how the seaweed farmers work in their farming.

Far in a shadow, Lombok Island in front create blue backdrop compile with Mount Rinjani bordered by Lombok Strait. Moung Agung and East Bali higlands also looks captivating and challenging in the distance.

Bright morning will be perfect stunning view in Kabeh Jati Garden Villas where sun rises on slope of Mount Rinjani in Lombok, in certain period the sun exactly arise on peak of Rinjani Mountain, it is so amazing. Gigantic cliff of Bangko-bangko Hill make us feel so close to Lombok Island, only bordered by narrow strait.

The warble of birds around the villas seem to be nature’s alarm to welcome new beautiful day. In cooperate with local, Kabeh Jati Garden Villas maintain dan protect the environment in balance and harmony.

All things, modernity and nature life side by side in harmony.


Destination Around Kabeh Jati Garden Villa

We located in east side of the island so it quite far from popular place like Kelingking but we close to the best hidden beach in Nusa Penida. We only 15 minutes or about 6 km to Atuh Beach. The splendor of Atuh Beach been popular to the entire world. Natural white sand beach in narrow bay and remote area make it so famous, nice place to rilex. Such of this hidden beach surrounded by amazing high cliffs like of great wall.

One side of the cliff was built a tree house by the local and it is very beautiful. This spot is known as Mollenteng Tree House. Stepping this point, you must climb down steep cliff then all glory can be seen totally. Along way from parking area, visitor should pass a path route on cliff of Titi Bahu, really tense with panoramic view of Indian Ocean. There are more than seven atols or isles around the cliff side.

Suwehan beach is the best beach in Nusa Penida. No many tourist know this kind of beach exist in Nusa Penida. Maybe because hard to reach and take time to reach the beach and go back up, but when you touch the smooth white sand of Suwehan you will fall in love with this beach. It’s really hidden so you will feel like in lonely planet.

There are many other place we ready to help you to see such as: giri putri cave, malibu point, sabila beach atc. We provide car hire you can book.

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